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このプライバシーポリシーは、Tar-yaが提供するiOS/Android/Meta Quest向けアプリにおいて、どのような情報を収集、利用、管理しているかを記したものです。本内容を承諾できない場合、アプリの利用をおやめください。








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Tar-ya's Apps Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy outlines the information collected, utilized, and managed by Tar-ya in the iOS/Android/Meta Quest applications it provides. If you do not agree with this policy, please refrain from using the applications.

[Information Not Used in the Application]

(1) Personal information such as name, address, email address, credit card number, social security number, My Number, etc.
In the applications provided by Tar-ya, we do not request, collect, transfer to third parties, or sell such information.
(2) Photos contained within the device
In "Stargraffiti(Star Kids Doodle)," photos contained within the device are only accessed for the purpose of drawing in the "Draw on Photos" function, and they are not transferred to or sold to third parties.
In other applications provided by Tar-ya, photos contained within the device are not obtained, used, transferred to third parties, or sold.
(3) Contact addresses contained within the device and data from other applications
In applications provided by Tar-ya, we do not obtain, use, transfer to third parties, or sell such information.

[Information Used in the Application]

In applications provided by Tar-ya, we use non-personally identifiable information for understanding app usage and improving services. The data used includes Vendor-specific Advertising Identifier (IDFA), IP address, Cookies, manufacturer, model, OS version, and app usage time.

[Information Provided to Advertising Companies]

Applications provided by Tar-ya contain in-app advertisements provided by third parties. These advertisements may be uploaded to and displayed/modified online on your smartphone or other devices while you are using the app. In order to ensure appropriate ad display and calculate ad viewing frequency, certain information may be utilized from your device during app usage.
Data acquired from smartphones and similar devices includes Vendor-specific Advertising Identifier (IDFA), IP address, Cookies, manufacturer, model, OS version, available ad display time and size, and response when ads are viewed. The aggregated data, such as total counts, may be disclosed without identifying individual users, except to authorized recipients designated by the in-app advertising providers and Tar-ya.

[Advertising Companies in Use]

The current or planned advertising companies in use, along with their respective privacy policies, are as follows:
For information regarding how each company handles information provided by Tar-ya's applications, please refer to the privacy policies of each advertising company:
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[Revision of the Privacy Policy]

If the privacy policy is revised, we will announce the changes on this site.

Last Updated: April 12, 2024